Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Art Form Keeps Showing Up

The most sustainable furniture on the planet may not be made of wood or metal, but rather recycled cardboard. European Karton Art Design has created upper end elegant furniture made entirely from recycled cardboard.

“The furniture evoke the atmosphere of good old times, yet give the feel of contemporary eco-design to make you comfortable in the passage between past and future,” explains Karton Art Design. The eco furniture is the brainchild of Hungarian installation artist Edit Szilvasy and furniture designer Andras Balogh.

The recycled cardboard furniture is easy to assemble using only paperclips, packs up flat for transport and has a guaranteed life of three years with an estimated life expectancy of ten years. The furniture uses a patented technology that makes the furniture as strong as wood, yet as light as paper.

Currently, the cardboard furniture line includes filing cabinets, bookshelves, wall panels, beds, counters and desks.

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Gerry said...

This book case has got to be strong, I know, because books are heavy. My last book cases are the metal mesh ones I bought at Target. They are very sturdy. But these are pretty too. Gerry