Saturday, May 30, 2009

As Big As A Horse You Say? Thanks Ray:)

My little pony

Silver dun tovero in colour, she was given

a clean bill of health and should reach

24 incheswhen grown.

The birth has generated such excitement

in the community that local people are

entering a competition to give the horse a

name in time for Christmas.

Owner Lee Scown said she wanted a name

that reflected the tiny, unique nature of

the horse.
'Its the smallest horse I've ever had and

she's so gorgeous,' Ms Scown said.

'We got told the mare wasn't

due for another four weeks

but on Sunday morning

I walked outside and called

her, and out ran the little

foal behind her.'


Gerry said...

Oh how absolutely adorable. Those are the cutest little horse photo I think I have ever seen! I must tell Connie about these who loves horses with such passion. Gerry

Connie said...

Gerry sent me to see this adorable baby..I would like to suggest "Tina" for a name.Thanks for sharing these cute pics.
Many hugs,