Friday, November 10, 2006

Fred Joy photography

Aquarius Sculpture duotone.jpg (54672 bytes)

"Aquarius Sculpture"

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"Canyon de Chelly"


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"Desert Varnish"

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"Dusk Mojave"

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"Jade Pool"

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Shadows of the Wind.jpg (53818 bytes)

"Shadows ofthe Winds"

sky's embrace.jpg (21545 bytes)

"Sky's Embrace"

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Watercourse 8.jpg (60478 bytes)

"Watercourse 8"

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"Watercourse 9"

watercourse 9 duotone.jpg (22253 bytes)

"Watercourse 9"

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"Corn Lily #2"

Corn Lily.jpg (77119 bytes)

"Corn Lily"

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Sea of flowers 3.jpg (252405 bytes)

"Sea of Flowers 3"

Frederic Joy

Frederic Joy acquired his interest in photography via family tradition, his grandfather C. L Joy having been a professional photographer in <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Utah in the early 1900's.  After college, Frederic attended Brooks Institute of Photography in California .  At this time, he took two seminars with famed nature photographer Ansel Adams. This influence lent him a tradition of fine photographic printing technique and a passion for large format nature photography.  Notable elements of his work include a strong ability to reveal and abstract, and a keen sense of light.

His images have appeared in many gallery exhibits including juried shows at the Nicolaysen Museum and Joslyn Art Museum where he has work in their permanent collection.  In 1997 the Wyoming Arts Council awarded him a fellowship for excellence in the visual arts.  He works wherever he can find great locations but still favors the deserts of the Southwest.  Many years spent in the desert has led to a passion for things wild and the remaining great open spaces in the world.  Fred is a board member of the Amargosa Desert Land Trust in California , a general member of the Glen Canyon Institute and a 30 year member of ASMP.

Frederic Joy has been featured several times in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, having written an article for them, had an appearance in a cover article and most recently in the July 2003 issue as one of the world's Landscape Masters.  Images have also appeared in Mountain Living Magazine, Sierra, Wilderness, Bon Appetit, Travel and Leisure, the L.A. Times.  His corporate client list has included Life of Montana Insurance, Jackson Hole Ski Corp, Real Estate of Jackson Hole, Delcon, Granite Seed Co., Country Walkers and Qwest Communications.

mountain cabins.jpg (102277 bytes)      moran reflections.jpg (72110 bytes)

"Moran Reflections"

"Mountaiaspengrove.jpg (157994 bytes)        Elegant tree.jpg (208544 bytes)

"Elegant Tree"

"Aspen Grove"

n Cabins"


radar446 said...

A true master of the light.  He is a very talented photographer and one who's work I have come across several times over the past couple of years.


inafrnz247 said...

What a wonderful journal ~ full of vibrant color and beauty!  Thank you for sharing!  This is my first visit, following your link in Greg's journal.  Have a wonderful weekend!  


a2002v2002 said...

Thank you, Michelle for visiting and for your comment. May you have a wonderful week end, too! ... Ann

a2002v2002 said...

Yes, I agree with you, Greg. He is a very talented photographer, also. .... Ann:)