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I was born in 1955 in Middlesex, England and had an interest in art from
an early age which developed during my school years. Since then I have had 
experience in interior design and electrical retail management and in 1978
moved to Preston, Lancashire (about 35 miles from Liverpool) where I still 
live with my wife and three daughters.
I began painting full-time in 1985 and soon realized I had the "knack" of 
creating likenesses of people and animals and fairly quickly established
myself as a portrait painter, supplying pictures to galleries and private
collections world-wide.
In 1989, eager to try new things, I began painting a wider diversity of
subject matter including aviation, sporting and wildlife and the subsequent 
acclaim for this work led me to open my own art gallery in Preston. After 
6 years running the gallery I began to feel a little "bogged down" by the
day to day running of the retail side and not spending enough time with 
brush and easel. So in 1996 I closed the gallery and set up a small studio 
in the attic at home and concentrated on doing some serious painting.
I have always been asked to produce portraits of peoples pets - cats, dogs
horses etc and it was from this that I began painting other wildlife
subjects, particularly African and the "big cats". I now feel priviliged
to consider myself a "wildlife artist" and never cease to be amazed
amazed and delighted to see the canvas come to life before my eyes.
Subject: New Tiger Painting
Hi everyone. I just wanted to show you my latest tiger painting as it will be available for sale at eBay from tonight. I haven't had any paintings on eBay for a while as they keep selling as soon as I put them on the main page of my website.
It's an 18x24" oil painting of a young Siberian Tiger. As usual I can't think of a good title.
The eBay listings page for anyone interested is:

"Sultan", a stunning original oil painting on canvas direct from the studio of David Stribbling, one of the UK's leading wildlife artists and listed at Artprice, the world leader in art market information (see Superb study of a young Siberian Tiger. Beautiful detail and colour, the size is 18x24" (unframed). Galleries and collectors on both sides of the Atlantic eagerly await new work by this artist, whose work has been sold through world renowned auction houses Christies (London) and Phillips (Chester) and this is a wonderful opportunity to obtain an ORIGINAL oil painting from one of the top exponents of the genre. Paintings of this quality (when you can get them) are in great demand and don't come along very often. This is not a photo, print or reproduction of any kind - it's an original oil painting, each brush stroke from the hand of the artist, David Stribbling. Buyer to pay $5 shipping by air mail (or £2.50 UK) and I can take US and UK checks or credit cards via PayPal and Bidpay. Please e-mail any queries, thanks.

 For more information please visit The Wildlife Art of David Stribbling .

First Place. Animal paintings (large).

Thank you it's much appreciated. Please click on the logo to see the full list of winners. David

Although it's been sold I was also really pleased with my latest elephant painting (a larger picture can be linked from the main page at
There are also several other "new" paintings that never really got shown before they were sold. These can also be seen on the main page with the elephant.
Finally, both Sarah and Rachel have now got brand spanking new websites that put mine to shame although I'm slowly but surely dragging mine into the 21st century and replacing the older images with more recent and relavent ones.
Rachel's new site is at and Sarah's is (you guessed it)
Thanks for all the emails and comments - they are always most welcome.
Take Care,

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nightmaremom said...

Though your links did not work, I did visit your site and your work is fabulous!  I love each and everyone for a different reason.  I do a bit with graphics, but it's after the fact.  I generally animate existing pictures.   Some day maybe I will have the privilege doing one of yours.