Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fine Pencil Artist: Richard C O Lovesey

      Richard Lovesey fine pencil art

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Rottweiler (10" x 12" in frame)   Rough Collie (8" x 10" in frame)   Border Collie (8" x 10" in frame)   German Shepherd (10" x 12" in frame)


Retriever (8" x 10" in frame)      German S/H Pointer Pups (7" x 9" in frame)      Jack Russell (8" x 10" in frame)




              'Yorkie' (8" x 10" in frame)              Springer Spaniel (8" x 10" in frame)


'Pick on Someone Your Own Size'

Richard Lovesey

 My interest in art began when I decided to capture Lincolnshire's rich aviation heritage in a series of graphite aircraft drawings. Having never drawn seriously before, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I possessed  a talent for it. This, coupled with positive encouragement from family and friends, inspired me to utilise my ability to provide people with a unique product at an affordable price.

 During 1999, I progressed away from graphite and began to experiment with colour, and have never looked back. With no formal training in art or drawing, I have mastered my own unique approach and technique through practical experience, using only the finest quality materials from Derwent, Faber-Castell and Caran d' Ache.

I work from home, in the historic market town of Louth, which sits in the heart of Lincolnshire's rich rural landscape at the foot of the rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds. This area is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and I find it a very inspiring place from which to work.

 The majority of my commissioned work takes the form of portraits. Children and pets are by far themost popular requests, although I like the opportunity to consider almost anysubject. I work solely from photographs because this approach allows me to take the necessary time over a picture, ensuring that I can achieve the best results.





Saturday, October 21, 2006

Amazing sheet of paper Art! Part 2













A Big piece of paper


Amazing sheet of paper Art!

Here we go, may take more then one entry?














Friday, October 20, 2006

Ahhhh, I see five nice people who visit my Journals are listed, Congrats!

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Like this one Preview & EDUCATION


Photo Trek


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D's Designs



This and That and Hockey



Just Mary



Northern Trip

 I just spotted this one for Greg is why I have it ..... Maybe I will spot some for the others as I go along...... before or after November 2nd ;) You all made it to the top picks and you are all winners in my book!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Passing Friends by Gordon Miller

"Passing Friends"
Original oil 22" x 28" by Gordon Miller © 1987

The coastal Indians of British Columbia and Alaska were a maritime people who travelled, hunted and fished on the sea. The Natives retained a memory of a mythological time before all creatures became distinct and separate, where men and animals were kindred spirits. This kinship with the natural world was kept alive through art and ritual
, and common ancestry was proclaimed with family crests.

Killer Whales -- Orcinus orca -- were another resident of the coast who travelled and hunted together in social units. Long misunderstood and feared by humans, these animals have been found to be highly social, intelligent and even gentle creatures in captivity.

encounters with Killer Whales
must have been common. They frequented all of the same waters and harvested the same resources.

Pictured is a
Northern-style Haida travelling canoe
painted with a Killer Whale crest of Kwakwaka'wakw design.


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Artist Statement:Featured Artist: Bob Kim

Featured Artist: Bob Kim

Bob Kim captures the essence of everpresent natural beauty and our primordial connection to it. He creates images that transcend the limits of camera and film, a vision of nature’s panoramic grandeur, timeless and unspoiled. His artistry is a unique combination of the camera’s eye and the mind’s envision. It is his original method of mixing classic painting techniques and traditional fine art photography and latest digital tools that gives physical presence as well as emotionally dramatic lighting, greater range of color fidelity and extraordinary details.

Bob Kim was born in Seoul, Korea in 1961, and moved to the United States with his family in 1975. He studied fine arts and photography at the Maryland Institute of College of Art in Maryland, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in 1983.

Click on the arrow to see some of Bob's work currently on display in the gallery.

Ok, let me add some more info and more of  his photos;)

Bob Kim - The Envisioned Landscape - Fine art, nature, landscapes. Panoramic landscape photographer, Bob Kim, specializes in fine art landscape photography.

Bob Kim / Photographer - Portfolio See professional photographer, Bob Kim's, portfolio here.

Contact Information:
Bob Kim
federal way, wa
United States
Member Since: Jan 2003

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His artistry is a unique
combination of the camera's
eye and the mind's
vision. It is his original
method of mixing classic
painting techniques
and traditional fine art
photography that gives
physical presence as
well as emotionally dramatic
lighting and greater range of
color fidelity.

Kim's rendition of Hedrick
pond in Wyoming is the product
of over two
hundred photographs, edited
down to thirty images taken in
a two-week
period from five different
viewpoints of the park. It
took him over a month
to create the final composite
image, a result of extensive
color correction,
dodging, burning, and masking.

Bob Kim - Free Artist Portfolio at Bob Kim, MistyMorningatLostLake OR, 2001,


Saturday, October 7, 2006

"Spreading the Canoe" by Bill Holm

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"Spreading the Canoe" by Bill Holm
Comment from: abysattic
"A grand work by, one of the top experts in the field of Northwest Indian Art. He has many publications about their art, and a fabulious understanding of form and content.  Go on line to Burk Museum - Bill Holm -Addresses Faculty at the Washington State University - He Is HUGE! "
Comment from abysattic - 10/7/06 1:00 PM
just beautiful!!!

Comment from cneinhorn - 1/21/05 6:06 PM

Native American art and artifacts. Cultural heritage comes alive.
Bill Holm was curator of Northwest Coast Indian Art at the Burke Museum, and professor in art history and anthropology at the University of Washington from ...

Ann is Tagged? Who is Ann, Ann who?????? hehehe

Taken From NAMoments: I see Greg Tagged me over at Beauty in Art..... Ann? Ann who?..... hehehe ....Oh boy that is next, now do I have six people to send a tag to? That are into that sort of thing? Hummmmmmm 6  crazy things about me (oh that was 6 Weird things)?  Hummmmmmmmm Maybe me doing this? (trying to edit, #3 in list)

I guess this is how this works...You've officially been tagged.
Greg Kiser

Four Forty-Six Photography an online photo gallery of my work -- updated 09-20-2006
Photo Trek My photo journal
The Call of the Waterfall My waterfall directory

Julie and Greg Kiser Photo Trek gets the credit for this post.

1.)That I am even doing this, as I chew on my lower lip? hehehe

2.)  I am crazy about starting some networking Blogs  to let people know where I am , or where I have been, if they are looking for me;) Now that is weird! LOL

3.)   Talking to myself, as I am trying to edit Journals here in AOL and find this error thingy pops up to stop my every move and I have to go to FireFox to Edit from there! Reminds me of this

4.)  I always shoot fuzzy pictures, which drives one of my Pro Photographer special friends crazy! I blamed it on the cheap camera:) (But now Greg gives lessons!:)

5.)  It is not uncommon to find me playing a Movie CD as I am on the computer doing this and so just listen, as to a Radio, like now watching - listening to my sons new copy of KiKi's Delivery Service:). An old friend introduced him to this lovely style of Japanese Art in films, which he would love to do himself ,but ended up giving me his computer drawing board to use with Gimp!

6.)  I don't do well in large crowds...toooooooo Greg! But showing my art in the past I was among crowds of people doing demos, shy as anything!!!!! But great one on one, I think? Or here safely at my computer, just doing info:).

And there you have it...6 weird things about me.

Guess I have to tag six others for this. Hummmmmmmmmm Now that is hard... Greg do you want to do this again ? ;) Just kidding!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Praying Rocks

The new National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC is made of Kasota stone which is from a quarry in Kasota, MN, a tiny town .  The limestone is used around the world for it's unique warm amber hue.


So beautiful...look sideways to the left to see the praying rocks.

Monday, October 2, 2006


Large Pottery Thumbnail
Large Pottery Thumbnail
Large Pottery Thumbnail
Large Pottery Thumbnail
These large pots are hand painted by Native American artists. Click on the images for a detailed view.