Friday, January 20, 2012

In Honor of a 93 Year Old Man by an Alpine Lake in an Alpine Village

 Never dreamed I would be doing this one day. A Real Good Bye to my Dad :) So I am renaming this blog in Honor of His last days in an  Alpine Village.

When he past on at age 93 because of a well meaning Doctor, I am sure! Yes by a Doctors orders and given by a very sad Nurse afterwards, I could see! He had reacted to that medication and had a fatal heart attack instantly, right before her eyes! She rushed to call me, in a panic! But it really it was too late for saving him! 

It was at that time when all the folks were asked to plant trees in their yards to give shade and Beauty. So a big tree starting program began!:) I saw pots of baby trees everywhere growing and getting ready for their big day:)  So for my Dad / and a GrandDad, A Pine Tree was planted in  His Memory,  right there in the yard where he had lived in  the last days of his life.

So in His honor and for Alpine Lakes and Villages Everywhere ! We are ready to start on a New Adventure here at Beauty In Art.

He would like this one on an Alaska Lake, one of his favorite States. As I try to find Pictures of His Pine Tree.

Funny how you never think that one day a picture of that tree would be important. I know 'Google' has it or was that 'Earth' has one taken from Space. Can you believe that! A Space Map of Earth right down to your yard/ driveway and the cars parked there! Oh yes, I see someone waving up into space at the camera, smiling even! Nice!  Now where is that picture now? :)

File:Gold Creek Alaska Lake 0292.jpg

File:Rachel Lake 26432.JPG

An Alpine Village Lake

File:Rachel Lake 26432.JPG