Saturday, February 23, 2008

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Reaching for the Stars by Fort Photo

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Pawnee Pink Sherbert Sunset Pawnee Pink Sherbert Sunset
Old Flowers Road Sunset Vibrance Old Flowers Road Sunset Vibrance
I Spy Sky Eyes

I Spy Sky Eyes

Sundown at Rivendell Sundown at Rivendell

Reaching for the Stars Reaching for the Stars
Night of the Cranes Night of the Cranes

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: Just a few hours ago, the shadow of Earth fell across the full Moon producing a lovely red lunar eclipse. Mohammad Taher Pilevar sends this stunning photo comes from Hamedan, Iran:

Sky watchers from Persia to Hawaii witnessed the spectacle, which won't repeat itself for nearly three years. The next total eclipse of the Moon comes in Dec. 2010. Clouded out? Browse the gallery to see what you missed:

Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery
[Interactive World Map of Eclipse Photos]


Check with Greg!

Lunar Eclipse Photos...what went wrong?
Author: radar446

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photos Antarctica Frozen Waves?

The water froze the instant the wave broke through the ice.
That's what it is like in Antarctica
Water freezes the instant it comes in contact with the air. The temperature of the water is already some degrees below freezing.
Just look at how the wave froze in midair

Pictures taken by Krista Yarnell

Monday, February 18, 2008

From Leslie: oppose-trapping-season-on-otters-and-bobcats-in-illinois

my very first petition!
Yesterday Gerald and I were at breakfast at the cafe and he was reading the outdoor section of the Peoria Journal Star. I could see a picture of an otter and a bobcat on the page he was reading and my blood immediately ran cold. I just knew that it was an article in favor of bill HB 4632, which is in favor of trapping these dear creatures. I grabbed the paper and started reading the article and sure enough, that is what it was about!
I was so upset! Otters had been trapped out years ago and reintroduced. I can't understand why peeps would both to bring them back, just to kill them again. There is no need. Peeps don't eat them and in this day and age to fur trap is archaic and unnecessary. I was so upset I was literally starting to cry. We left the cafe quickly and Gerald took me for a ride in the country to calm me down. All the while I am ranting and raving about this. We drive down Banner Dyke Road along the river. The ice damn was breaking up due to the heavy rains and the river was at its wildest and most magestic. We sat in the car watching it and admiring the pure strength of nature when a dark little creature runs across the road in front of us. We hurridly got out of the car to pursue it and were shocked and delighted that it was a little otter. I have always considered the otter my special power animal. I believe firmly in the value and worth on our planet and have waited to see one in the wild my whole life.! I took this little otter sighting as a sign that she wanted me to do more than just care. She wanted me to act for her future. So today, I have created a petition I would like you to read and please consider signing. I also encourage you to contact your state legislature representative, for those of you who live in Illinois. I would like all peeps to sign the petition I will be presenting to Governor Rod Blagojevich in regards to this issue. He vetoed this bill in 2005. Thank you one and all for your kind consideration on this matter. I hope the petition sounds professional. I have never aurthored one before and I composed it while entertaining Lily and Evan!!!LOL
I appreciate any feedback also! love and hugs to all! Leslie

thank you so much for your support Little
Running Deer! You are such a wonderful
friend!!! love and hugs to you always!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photos of Bear Rescue or Problem Solving.....

This bridge is on the Old Donner Pass Highway.
It has a spectacular view of Donner Lake and Donner Pass, on Route 80.

A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40 at Donner Summit,(Truckee) on Saturday when two cars also crossing the bridge scared
the bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge.  Somehow the bear caught the ledge avoiding a fall into the rocks below and was able to pull itself to safety.  Authorities decided that nothing could be done to help Saturday night so they returned Sunday morning to find the bear sound asleep on the ledge.

After securing a net under the bridge the bear was tranquilized, fell
into the net, lowered, then woke up and walked out of the net.

There is a moral to this story you know; this old bear made a wrong move and found he was hanging by his nails. Somehow he was able to pull himself up onto the ledge where he saw he was in a very bad, impossible situation and what did he do? 
Yep, he took a nap and sure enough the situation took care of itself while he was asleep.
The moral is, that when confronted with a bad situation, sometimes the best solution is to take a nap . . .