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Little Big Dreams


Beautiful Wildlife:


Darlene Gait Native Canadian Artist

Native Canadian artist Darlene Gait produces original works of art and limited edition giclee prints. 

Her Gallery:

One Moon Gallery, Darlene Gait, Native Art, Canadian Artist

Gallery of native art, featuring Darlene Gait, native Canadian artist. 

                               BIOGRAPHY OF DARLENE GAIT

Darlene Gait was born on Vancouver Island and began painting as a child. Inspired by Nature and her First Nations Heritage, her work is unique in that it is created with emotions that allow the viewer to connect and relate to the stories told through her brush. Her poetry, created with each painting, allows people to understand each image through the artists perception.

She is recognized internationally, her art is exhibited and held in private and public collections and her limited edition Giclees and prints are sold in galleries worldwide.

Gaits paintings and poetry celebrate her love for her Coast Salish culture and bring to life through beautiful images the rich traditions and oral history of the First People of Canada. Her art also reflects her passion for protecting the environment and wildlife as well as her beliefs in the oneness of humanity and the beauty of its diversity. Her paintings are often inspired by her vivid dreams, which she believes must be captured by her brush and poetry and then shared. She also feels bound by the responsibility to depict all her images with scientific and historical accuracy, as she considers her art to be part of the oral history of her culture.

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Landscape Artist John Cogan



by John Cogan

John Cogan - Landscape Artist


When he is asked by younger artists for advice, John Cogan says to "paint what you know." He follows that counsel himself, painting the western landscapes that he has loved since he was a boy.

His work has been featured in SOUTHWEST ART magazine (October 1989) and in ART OF THE WEST magazine (September/October1995 and March/April 1990). John's biography is included in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN ART, and the 2000 edition of WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA. During the past few years, John has placed twelve paintings in the TOP 100 of the Arts for the Parks competition. He has won three awards, including the first ever Collectors Award in 1995 and the Landscape Award of Merit in 1994. Three of his images have been published as posters by Images of America, and a number of others have been used on greeting cards, calendars, and post cards. A one-man invitational show of John Cogan's paintings celebrated the opening of the Henderson Fine Arts Building on the campus of San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico in October, 1994. In 1997 John was commissioned to paint AFTERNOON AT ECHO AMPHITHEATER for the college. This 60 by 48 inch painting now hangs permanently in the foyer of the Henderson building. John has a number of works in the permanent collection of Citizens Bank in Farmington, as well as other public and private collections throughout the country. In 2000 John was commissioned to paint a 10 foot by 4 foot painting for the new Courthouse in Albuquerque. This painting is on public display in the Jury Assembly Room.

In September of 1999 John was invited to join 14 other nationally known landscape artists to paint the interior of the Grand Canyon. The artists spent eight days rafting through the Grand Canyon, painting the unique vision of the Canyon from the bottom up. Sponsored by the Grand Canyon Trust, the purpose of the trip was to increase awareness of the fragile environment of the Grand Canyon. A show of the paintings produced during the trip was held at the Forbes Galleries in New York and San Francisco, the proceeds benefitting the Grand Canyon Trust.

John was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1953. During the first few years of his life, the family lived in a number of places in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. In 1960, they settled in Midland, Texas. It was here that John took his first art lessons, learning the basics of oil painting from local artist Arnold Leondar. After moving to Houston in 1968, John continuedto study on his own, painting the landscapes of his native southwest. He experimented with various media, finally concentrating on acrylic.

John did not formally study art in school, but concentrated on math and physics. He attended Texas A&M University and Rice University, where he earned his Ph.D. in physics in 1981. But his first love was always painting, and in 1982 he left his position as a geophysicist with an oil company to pursue art full time.

John is the author of a number of articles. These include "Landscape Painting Pitfalls" in THE ARTISTS MAGAZINE in September 1993, and "The Varied Faces of Acrylics" in the July 1995 issue. He also wrote an Art Technique column for ART MATERIALS TODAY magazine in the Sept/Oct 1994 issue titled "Capitalize on the Versatility of Acrylic". In 1997 and again in 1998 John was the juror for the National Christian Fine Arts Exhibit

John, his wife Karen (author of childrens books) and their daughters make their home in New Mexico.


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The Dash ....... Yalan

Photo ? of my Mom who died at 19 years of age. So young!  In house fires , all my photo Albums of my childhood, growing up, my mother, were all burned up. This cracked finish little photo of my mom was in my dad's wallet but with Alzheimer's he did not even remember who she was! So sad......... Trying to get it at photos bear with me! There it is! Now to click enter....... hold your breath and see you at the Journal? ;)

Beautiful Nature Photos are used!!
Date: Friday, August 18, 2006   
Subject: The Dash... sent by a new friend:) Thanks!
This was a very touching little movie -- Makes you want to make changes in your life to make a difference in someone else's.

This takes a little while to load but it's well worth the wait.

Also another new friend sent this
This is beautiful. Just copy and paste this :

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Artist Susan Bankey Yoder

Meadowland Studio
Click Here for Main Web Site

The Wildlife Art Network is Sponsored by Wildlife Art Magazine

Wildlife Artist

Tree Top Bandit

"If I didn't have a natural talent for painting, I would have become a veterinarian," said artist Susan Bankey Yoder. She has always had a deep love for all animals and is forever studying and learning from them. Her enjoyment of the outdoors, combined with a keen eye for detail produce dramatic renditions of wildlife in their natural surroundings.

She has a commitment to conservation as well, by contributions and memberships to various wildlife programs and organizations.

Susan, a recent inductee to the Society of Animal Artists, has received many awards and honors while diligently using her talent to build the foundations of her career. Her work as an illustrator has resulted in the publication of numerous books and examples of her work can be seen nationwide. Primarily a self-published artist, her artwork has been published in U.S. Art, Wildlife Art, Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine, Keystone Conservationist, Sporting Classics Magazine and Mid-Atlantic Fly Fisherman.

Susan Bankey Yoder and friend Shiloh, a mountain
lion cub at the Florida Wildlife Expo 2003 - - ->

She is consisitenly a finalist in competitions. She is the current winner of the 2003 Indiana Trout Stamp, winner of PA Game Commission's Working Together For Wildlife conservation print competition for 2002, recently tied for first place in the 2003 Pennsylvania Trout Stamp competition and took third place in the Pa Trout Stamp for 2002, along with four-second place finishes in trout stamp and conservation print competitions to her credit. Susan also has a series of trout prints that help to benefit Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited chapters.
< - -"Here's a shot of me signing my winning painting "Homesteader"
at the PA Game Commission Headquarters. The painting won the Game Commission's "Working Together for Wildlife" conservation print competition. 50 Artist's proofs will be available the begining of 2003, for $150 each."

Susan has won the 2004 PA Trout Stamp!! She had been trying for 8 years, and has always been among the finalists. She is also the first woman to win it. For more information, visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website at
The painting, titled "Quiet Time," depicts a fly-fisherman netting a trout on the Brandywine Creek. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->

Painting , for Susan, is a very personal media. She enjoys the fieldwork that is so important, and the research of her subjects brings her great satisfaction. Gouache, an opaque watercolor and acrylic are her choices for primary medium. She decides which paint to use according to how it will best suit the subject, claiming a special feeling for the properties the paint will give her. Her ongoing study of paintings by other artists to learn and better understand the many varying aspects of their art and style is part of her continuing education. "Painting is an evolutionary process; I'm always growing and learning. It's very stimulating," she says. One of her most recent educational experiences came from a workshop with Carl Brenders in Montana, where her work was well recieved. "Workshops help fine tune painting skills".

Fishing is one of the many ways she can do research, and the trout streams of Montana, Wyoming and Pennsylvania, her home state, are among her favorite places. "People are always surprisedwhen I talk about fishing." She states, "I guess it's still a little unusual to hear about a woman that goes fishing." Susan keeps a sketchbook and a camera along with her fishing gear, for an opportunity that arises, transferring them to her saddlebags when horseback riding or hiking on the trail.

Many of her paintings enhance both corporate and private collections. She has shown at prestigious shows such as the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, the Easton Waterfowl Festival and the Florida Wildlife Expo in Lakeland.

Susan Bankey Yoder, featured artist and Jennifer Kreisel of Canine Partners For Life, with the original painting titled "Winetasters". The painting was auctioned at the Une Celebration de Vin 2003. The annual event is held at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern, PA. There were several fine wines auctioned and other packages from which the proceeds help Canine Partners for Life. Canine Partners raises, trains and places handicapped assistance dogs. There are 100 limited edition prints available for $75. A percentage of each will go to CPL.
(See print section of website).

Order Info & Brochures of her work are available upon request by contacting:

Meadowland Studio
1131 Barkley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
E-mail Address:
    (In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is
distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest
in receiving the included information for research and educational
purposes. We/I/Whomever have no affiliation whatsoever with the
originator of this article nor are I/We/Whomever endorsed or sponsored
by the originator.)

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"Light filtering through the forest. catching a leopard in a momentary pause in its silent, shadowy moment, capturing the intesity of its soul gaze." -Al Agnew

About the Artist

To view an Al Agnew original is to be given the gift of a moment suspended in time. Wildlife artist Al Agnew captures the essence of wildlife in colors and emotions on painted canvases. Whether on safari in Kenya, Tanzania or Zimbabwe, or on a trek across the wilds of Alaska, Agnew focuses all his attention on his subjects with the intensity of a predator. The sights, the sounds, the air that is breathed are channeled from the mind’s eye to the stroke of his brush on the board

Agnew’s knowledge and respect of wildlife are channeled through his brush in exquisite detail. It is the culmination of this knowledge, love and respect, combined with his extraordinary skill of interpretation that have earned him numerous awards and accolades. An inductee into U.S. Art Magazine’s Artist Hall Of Fame, Al has also been honored as "Featured Artist" at the Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition, the Dallas Safari Club Convention, the Pacific Rim Widlife Art Show, Nature Works Wildlife Art Show, the Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation Show and he was the Special Guest Artist for the National Zoo Wildlife Art Show in Washington, D.C.

Through Agnew’s art and work as a conservationist millions of dollars have been raised to benefit wildlife through work with such organizations as Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Black Bass Foundation, and the Wolf Recovery Project. On an international level, Al has contributed work to the Cullman and Hurt Community Wildlife Project in Tanzania, an innovative conservation project whose motto is, "Animals are worth more alive than dead."

Al has exhibited internationally for a number of years at exhibitions such as Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s "Birds in Art," as well as the Society of Animal Artists "Art and the Animal" annual exhibit. In addition, his work has been featured in magazines such as Wildlife Art, U.S. Art, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Sporting Classics, In-Fisherman and North American Fisherman magazines.

Appreciated for their beauty, honesty, and mastery, Al Agnew’s museum quality pieces are sought after by
collectors around the world.

Click Here for Main Web Site

Welcome to Al Agnew's site


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Checking my mail box today what a surprise I found!

I found this E-Mail in my box:A Big Hug and Thank You, Mary!

Subj: what a great sight 
Date: 8/8/2006 8:33:59 AM Central Standard Time
From: Frankandmary
To: A2002V2002

I have visited the sight before but now I am really going to take my time there     wonderful stuff
radar turned me on to it again
Mary ~ Just Mary ~ my little Jersey Journal

I thought, what is she talking about? Oh maybe my comment at The call of the waterfall (wow, look at his waterfalls photos!) And I noticed he had my link at PhotoTrek, as I now have his link with his visiting at Beauty in Art ;) But thought I would visit his site after reading my mail just to check it out:) and low and behold he did an entry about Beauty in Art !! Now I was really surprised! LOL .... Awwwww, Thanks Greg! Hope all enjoy the wonderful world of artists as we explore their world.

Autumn Waterfall Photo Copyright © 2005 G. Kiser

Carpet of Water Photo Copyright © 2005 G. Kiser

Yes, Just a few entries ago, smile .... well, it is a Brand new site. I had entered the links I found of a great Photographer Four Forty-Six Photography  and a wonderful Artist Paul Leasure of Leasure Fine Art,   "Cascading Waters". Never dreaming that one of them would find me in this sea of people from around the world. But I started finding comments from the Photographer of Four Forty-Six Photography ; Greg 

Thanks again, Greg for the nice surprise and thankyou for sharing your great photography! Be sure and visit his sites!





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FWD: J-Land is having a big Party for the 3rd year of the Journals!

New: Journals Editor's Picks Alert
Journals Editor Joe with water? Journals Editor Joe highlights a bunch of Journalers who've taken it upon themselves to celebrate three years of AOL Journals. See his top 6 blog picks, then join the fun!
Be Part of the Video!!
Picture from Hometown
Yes, you heard me correctly.  Stevie, over at The Life of Ste has graciously offered his time to put a video together of us here in J-Land.  What an awesome idea!!!  Thanks Ste!!  Now, he isn't going to hunt you down and snag graphics off your journal so stop by his place and see the details.  Get your picture off to him and he will make sure you are part of the clip.  It's a time consuming project so time is of the essence. 
On a side note, this is about us, folks here in J-Land, our community.  Lets get the word out.  So many folks are still not aware.  It doesn't matter if you had a journal from day 1 or started 1 day ago.  It's for everyone!  Find a graphic, post an entry, leave comments when you visit.  Help us spread the word so everyone is included.  There is only so much we can do, we need your help.  We have the graphic contest, the Pet Memorial, the Memorial Quilt Squares, the Video, and more to come.   Put Vivian on alerts so you get the updates.  Will you help?

Written by nightmaremom

 Journals Editor Joe with water?

Featured Journaler Feed

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in photos and graphics for the album. It looks great and it's been fun watching the WooHoo grow and viewing... Read More

(7 hours, 40 minutes ago) -

The anniversary activities have been getting a lot of press lately thanks to those of you posting entries about itand thanks to Journals Editor Joe... Read More

(1 day, 13 hours, 11 minutes ago) -

It has been wonderful going throughout J-Land since the 3rd anniversary activities began and seeing so many posts talking about the activities and... Read More

(3 days, 9 hours, 38 minutes ago) -

Video is Finished!  J~Land 3 year tribute video
 - the final version of the 3rd Anniversary video (view the preview here)

But someone else sepintx is now making 7 Albums of everyones pictures? He is using AOL's  a picture album maker, now that is interesting:)  Check out the first photos of the anniversary...
- future editions of the It's Raining Photos album

  - a special memorial for Pam (his1desire)

  - the unveiling of the Memorial Quilt

the Rainbow Bridge
Click HEAR to hear music while you read,(minimize the media player when it comes up)... e is a charm  3rd anniversary graphics   - the winner of the caption contest 

On Monday, August 21, AOL Journals 3rd Anniversary, let's all write an entry in our journals.  We can call it.......... My Past Year in J-Land
 - the roll out of your 'My Past Year in J-Land' entries

Go shopping.  Cyber shopping.  Find "the" perfect thing you would love to wear to a formal occasion. Find your outfit and post in your journal. There is even a reporter artloner  to contact for the Red Carpet who will feature what you are wearing!!!!!!!!!  - updates from the Red Carpet Roving Reporter Check main Journal News at bottom of entry here:)

 - Special Interests - Journals Cafe
 -  Anniversary Song - "You're Still The One" music video by Stevie

 "The Crystal Ball".

Picture from Hometown
 - a link to the Chat Room for Sunday night's anniversary chats  - Special Interests - Journals Cafe

Anniversary Chatlog   across the pond chat?

Now about tonight's chats. I believe during either the Now about tonight's chats. I believe during either the 1st J-Land Anniversary or during the 1st J-Land awards, the Special Interests Journals Cafe chat room was born. That is the room we'll be using today for the chat abroad and the one here in the US. Here's how it will work. The chat room has a maximum capacity of about 25 people. Once that capacity has been reached, when the 26th person comes in, an additional room will be created and there will be two chat rooms. During one of the previous community celebrations, we had three rooms going simultaneously.

Some people pop in for a quick stay and others stay for the entire time. The year we had the three rooms, I bounced in and out, hoping to visit as many people as possible in each of the rooms. That is my plan for today. If you click on the keyboard graphic, it will take you to the chat room. I guess it's a good thing this is all happening in cyber-space, because I've seen some of those gas guzzling limos some of you plan to pull up in tonight to walk the red carpet. I can't imagine how much it would cost you to fill up those gas tanks in the real world.

I'll see you all tonight in the chat rooms and if you can't make it, please come back here tomorrow for a huge slice of zero calorie anniversary birthday cake. Please remember...the official start time for the chats is 8pm GMT and 8PM ET. Your hosts will not be in the rooms before the appointed hour.  Please click on the keyboard graphic tonight. It will take you to the chat room.

Written by viviansullinwank  calendar


Detail of "Umbrella", a limited edition print by Barbara Banthien

BARBARA  BANTHIEN                                         WILDLIFE  ARTIST

Barbara Banthien worked successfully as a commercial illustrator for twenty years. Art directors, editors, and clients appreciated her meticulous attention to detail and her warm style. Her work introduced Apple Computers’ Macintosh line. She did illustrations for many well-known companies such as Hewlett Packard, American Express, Del Monte, and Smuckers.

At the height of that career and during a time in which she won several prizes for her work--she quit. For years she had produced high quality work in the hectic world of advertising deadlines, but always taped to some corner of her drawing board would be the beginnings of an Owl, Goose, or Wolf that she would try to get to, time permitting. It finally made more sense to turn her attention to these images--the work she really cared about.

She has spent the last ten years pursuing this passion. Birds in particular are her muse. Her first wildlife paintings were selected for exhibition at Birds in Art in Wausau, Wisconsin--one of the most prestigious wildlife shows in the world, and she has exhibited there many times since. She is a member of The Society of Animal Artists and her work now appears in many national exhibitions.

Barbara focuses on the birds and animals she sees and knows—ones she can study up close. She feels a personal connection with all the animals she paints, and tries to see and render each one’s essence in her work. She paints Nature in a way she hopes will matter, and works hard to do this well.


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Oh ho!

Beauty in Art

I am still very active in the art world with my Southwest, Indian, Rugged Mountain Man, Animal, Indian Chief, Wolf and Native American Indians; ...


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Pecos River is a beautiful photo by Mike Butterfield

Pecos River
Reflections on the Pecos River.

  MIKE BUTTERFIELD in New Mexico go to link........ yes,more to enjoy!
Mike Butterfield, Spring 2005