Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There are other Blogger Layouts

Gosh,I was so happy when I found I could copy and paste for my old side bar in the text gadget:) Yes, lots to learn here! Slowly but surely?

For New Layouts:

When you pick what you want! It gives you the code to copy and paste with directions!

Easy Blogger Template Instructions:
  1. Select all the code in the box below and copy it. (right-click and select copy)
  2. Login to your Blogger account and go to Manage "Layout" from the Blogger Dashboard
  3. Click on the "Edit HTML" tab.
  4. Delete the code already in the "Edit Template" box and paste the new code in. (right-click, paste)
  5. Click "Save Template" and you're DONE!

Then I found this share for music that worked easy for me.

To create a playlist to add music to your blog. It was pretty simple compared to others I looked at. You will need to create an account but even that was super quick and easy. Then you search for anything you want either by artist or songname. Once you are happy with the playlist you click on post my playlist. Then you will click option E. At the beginning you will name your playlist so when you get to the page after clicking E you will click your playlist. Here you will have three options. I clicked yes to autostart, yes to random/shuffle so ya'll don't have to hear the same song everytime lol. Then you choose your player color, there is only a couple to pick from. Then click get code. I am not sure why but the first code doesn't work so there is a second place under code box that says "Did that code above not work for your social network? Click here to try another code!
" The second code will come up below the first one. Copy it. Go to your layout in your blog again and add gadget again (I added my gadget to the bottom of my page) and pick HTML again. Paste it and save. Your player should be there (this seemed to take a few minutes also to show up and work). The cool thing I noticed was that when I added more songs at Playlist they automatically go onto your blogger playlist so you don't have to keep re-adding the playlist all the time.


Ann :) Still learning the easy New Stuff .....

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gina said...

thanks! this looks simple enough even for me!! :) i don't have time right now, but later this evening...i'll be back.