Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Really Like the New Look

But with out the stretch format it really scrunched the photos of my old Jounal!

Hummmmm what to do? Forget the pretty layout and go back to plain stretch?

Redo every overly enlarged photo, so everyone can just click on the picture and enlarge it them-selves? A project for one of those not much to do on my desk days?

Ann:) ..... Thinking

Oh yes that's right this is not Monday! ;-)


gina said...

i love the new look too...but this gal has only figured out the very basics here on blogger...and that may be as far as i get too. lol

Gerry said...

Lots of interesting entries here which I always find to be true when I come to your blog (journal?). I am going to try to pick up on a few tips for my journal format, but don't expect it to come out nearly as artistic as yours. Still keep on experimenting as it is very interesting. Gerry