Sunday, March 30, 2008

We will call this the Road series! Upper Delaware Scenic Byway


N.Y. Hwy 97 ~ Port Jervis, NY This is a KICK-A__ road on the Delaware River. This is on the NY side, looking N.W. ...... Rob V.

Upper Delaware Scenic - the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway traverses the western borders of Orange, Sullivan and Delaware Counties, New York along a 70 ...

This view is upstream from Hawk's Nest, a tightly winding section of the road along the

 Delaware River (NY 97, dedicated in 2002 as Upper Delaware Scenic Byway). by jag9889

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Wow...very cool
I did an entry recently on a crazy road near us.


kirkbyj05 said...

Your wonderful views reminded me of my touring holiday in Scotland last year.  I saw similar scenes like these except they were of inland lochs or sea lochs.
Thanks for sharing these and coming by my journal too.
BTW  Some of your links did not work...sadly.
Jeanie xx

nhd106 said...

Wow..I almost missed this entry!  And now that I got here, I can't view any of the pics.    :(   Maybe try again?  
Thanks for this...and for linking my journal.    I appreciate it!!


nhd106 said...

Oops..cancel that last part about linking my journal!  
; )   I thought ya