Saturday, March 29, 2008

Michele Tapia-Browning

White Buffalo Dancers
White Buffalo Dancers - 2006 Michele Tapia-Browning
© 2006 Michele Tapia-Browning



Michele Tapia-Browning
Pueblos of Pojoaque and Santa Clara
Michele Tapia-Browning Personal Artist Biography
Michele Tapia-Browning - Bio Michele Tapia-Browning of the Pueblo of Pojoaque and Santa Clara Pueblos is continually engaged in the process of creating beautiful and unique images reflective of her Tewa ancestors. Her two role models are her mother, Lu Ann Tafoya and her grandmother, Margaret Tafoya from Santa Clara Pueblo. Michele incorporates a combination of age-old techniques and stipple drawing (creating drawings mostly from dots) in her imagery, digital art and pottery. She has earned both certification and Associate of Applied Science Degree in Drafting and has incorporated these skills into her technique. Her goal is to keep tradition living within her art and by drawing the beauty of each piece from inspirations in her environment.


lanurseprn said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

kirkbyj05 said...

I followed Gerry's link and I'm so glad I did!
What wonderful photos and links.  I have you on alerts now and look forward to more interesting visits with you.

Jeanie xx

gehi6 said...

Love this photo  You always find such interesting stuff to share with us! I did another entry this morning with photos of Boulder Sandstone ledges to illustrate an excerpt from the novel I wrote 46 years ago called "Sandstone" about Boulder country characters who peopled my childhood.  Gerry