Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seasons Greetings Everyone the Best for 2007

Song ; My Own Two Hands  is by Ben Harper, Nancy;)



rebuketheworld said...

Very nice.....You dressed your blog up...I like it...~Raven

nhd106 said...

Pretty song you know who's singing it?


a2002v2002 said...

Thanks , Raven:) Glad you like!

Sssshhhhhh I am on vacation you know, so don't let AOL know I am around or things will go haywire!

a2002v2002 said...

Yes, enjoyed that one,... it is different! At Care2 we have a commenting section on our profile pages that friends use to leave goodies like with comments here but with Gifs etc and Joanne C has been leaving this around with some of my friends. It was at RJs that I decided to click play and listen and liked it so much I wanted to share. I think she is singing?

a2002v2002 said...

Joanne Cooper has sent you the following introduction. This system allows only brief introductions. If you would like to respond to this person, simply reply to this message.

Hey Ann, That is Ben Harper.