Friday, December 1, 2006

Prayers and good thoughts for Debbie's Mom!


Hi Folks, this is Ann and I just copied this below from two of Debbie's Journals along with my comment at the bottom:)

From Debbie's Journal: My Big Fat Greek Life

I appreciate all of the comments and emails that I have been receiving from everyone concerned about sure is nice to see all the love and support you all give...thank you so much.

After mom's surgery on Monday I will try to get to my journal at some point later that night or during the week to update you all on how that went so you do not worry...I will be staying with her at the hospital the entire time except to come home to sleep at night...

Please keep mom in your prayers.....


Then from Debbie's A Derasta Creation Journal

Father Winter

Hi Everyone.....

For those new to my journal, my mom had an accident on Monday and I've been updating my main journal with the is the link so that you all can read my updates....I will get back to making graphics as time allows me but I wanted you all to know so that you do not wonder why I am not making them everyday right now...

Here is the link with the updates.

My Big Fat Greek Life


Ann's comment to Debbie;)

Wow same day I have my surgery! Yes, I will be saying prayers for both of us then..... before and after surgery, that all did go well for us and the doctors were happy healthy and wise as they worked on us and we will both be all right afterwards in healing! Love and Hugs, Ann

 and sharing Flowers to brighten the day, from my friend Leslie Flores.gif


nhd106 said...

Hi,I'm a little confused as to who's having surgery...who wrote what.  Please help me to understand better.   Thanks!!

a2002v2002 said...

Sorry, Nancy I think I am just tired, not good just before surgery! But with the cold snap here and snow I have to keep getting up to fill the stove with fuel, so everything won't freeze solid in my home;) So that breaks up my sleep pattern.

inafrnz247 said...

Prayers sent up for Debbie's mom, Debbie, and for you as well.  Hope all goes well.  


a2002v2002 said...

I should have done this before for each new friend here, as some of you have been going through your surgeries, illness and worries.

I followed Donna's Journal as she tried to stay calm for her surgery!
Awwwww my heart went out to her! She is on her road to recovery and I am so glad for her!

I am just so slow some times!

Then here was Debbie worried sick about her mom! And I thought oh I have to do some changes here and make this site a bit more human with a heart, then just straight Art entries only.