Friday, December 1, 2006

Beauty In Heart




Dear new friends

I should have done this before for each new friend here, as some of you have been going through your surgeries, illness and worries.

I followed Donna's Journal as she tried to stay calm for her surgery!
Awwwww my heart went out to her! She is on her road to recovery and I am so glad for her!

I am just so slow some times in doing what I should have done from the begining! But then my writing , spelling and sometimes silliness when I am tired can be too much even for me at times. My children laugh until their jaws hurt, but then they know me and think I am funny:) So it is safer for people if I say very little. LOL

 Then here was Debbie worried sick about her mom! And I thought oh I have to do some changes here and make this site a bit more human with a heart, then just straight Art entries only.




radar446 said...

Sometimes it is nice to break away and do a "human interest" entry.  There does seem to be a lot of illness and sadness going on in J-land recently.  Sometimes it just helps to share and get some comfort from others.


nightmaremom said...

I love your art!!  But a bit of here and there in between is good.  Don't worry about the spelling or the silliness... we love you just the way you are!!
Besides.. it helps us get to know you at another level.

PS and thanks so much for being there for me

inafrnz247 said...

Your journal is wonderful just the way it is... and a little heart now and then can never hurt!  I often wear my heart on my sleeve, it's just who I am.  Thank you for all you share!


a2002v2002 said...

Awwwww Thanks D and Michelle! Then a little Heart here too when the need arises. Thanks Greg, I like that getting a mans view about this, too.

rebuketheworld said...

OK. my life has been busy but I cant imagine missing an entry of yours talking about your surgery?...what surgery?...Whats going on?...-Raven

a2002v2002 said...

Beauty In Heart
Comment from: rebuketheworld
"OK. my life has been busy but I cant imagine missing an entry of yours talking about your surgery?...what surgery?...Whats going on?...-Raven"

Ahhhhh you forgot! At Award voting time! Yes, I had been dealing with a tiny cancer mole on my cheek with herbs and diet and thinking my vitamins had plenty of Potassium in them I was not eating alot of bananas etc. But I started swelling real bad over my whole body and so did not know why. On Trip home to West Coast my diet got better I was eating all the right things and so my swelling went down. When I got back home to old vitamins and diet of less food it was balloon time again but very painful this time and it was hurting my joints and it was harder to even walk . That also caused High Blood Pressure to start in I now find out!

So my son said enough is enough and to me to the Urgent Care at Hospital and so the testing began and they sent me to Clinic for follow up. Well more tests and then they dicovered more to check and in comes the blue team  to tell me  oh by the way BTW....... three years ago when we did the exploring DC about bleeding ?????? BTW We forgot to tell you...... you had Cancer Cells growing on your cervix and they need to come off NOW and we need to check and see if they have spread to other parts of your body after all this time!  So surgery is Dec. 4th 2006 Tomorrow! First they said Lazer but now it is Leep and D&C and Exploring.