Monday, August 7, 2006

FWD: J-Land is having a big Party for the 3rd year of the Journals!

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Journals Editor Joe with water? Journals Editor Joe highlights a bunch of Journalers who've taken it upon themselves to celebrate three years of AOL Journals. See his top 6 blog picks, then join the fun!
Be Part of the Video!!
Picture from Hometown
Yes, you heard me correctly.  Stevie, over at The Life of Ste has graciously offered his time to put a video together of us here in J-Land.  What an awesome idea!!!  Thanks Ste!!  Now, he isn't going to hunt you down and snag graphics off your journal so stop by his place and see the details.  Get your picture off to him and he will make sure you are part of the clip.  It's a time consuming project so time is of the essence. 
On a side note, this is about us, folks here in J-Land, our community.  Lets get the word out.  So many folks are still not aware.  It doesn't matter if you had a journal from day 1 or started 1 day ago.  It's for everyone!  Find a graphic, post an entry, leave comments when you visit.  Help us spread the word so everyone is included.  There is only so much we can do, we need your help.  We have the graphic contest, the Pet Memorial, the Memorial Quilt Squares, the Video, and more to come.   Put Vivian on alerts so you get the updates.  Will you help?

Written by nightmaremom

 Journals Editor Joe with water?

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A big thank you to everyone who has sent in photos and graphics for the album. It looks great and it's been fun watching the WooHoo grow and viewing... Read More

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The anniversary activities have been getting a lot of press lately thanks to those of you posting entries about itand thanks to Journals Editor Joe... Read More

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Video is Finished!  J~Land 3 year tribute video
 - the final version of the 3rd Anniversary video (view the preview here)

But someone else sepintx is now making 7 Albums of everyones pictures? He is using AOL's  a picture album maker, now that is interesting:)  Check out the first photos of the anniversary...
- future editions of the It's Raining Photos album

  - a special memorial for Pam (his1desire)

  - the unveiling of the Memorial Quilt

the Rainbow Bridge
Click HEAR to hear music while you read,(minimize the media player when it comes up)... e is a charm  3rd anniversary graphics   - the winner of the caption contest 

On Monday, August 21, AOL Journals 3rd Anniversary, let's all write an entry in our journals.  We can call it.......... My Past Year in J-Land
 - the roll out of your 'My Past Year in J-Land' entries

Go shopping.  Cyber shopping.  Find "the" perfect thing you would love to wear to a formal occasion. Find your outfit and post in your journal. There is even a reporter artloner  to contact for the Red Carpet who will feature what you are wearing!!!!!!!!!  - updates from the Red Carpet Roving Reporter Check main Journal News at bottom of entry here:)

 - Special Interests - Journals Cafe
 -  Anniversary Song - "You're Still The One" music video by Stevie

 "The Crystal Ball".

Picture from Hometown
 - a link to the Chat Room for Sunday night's anniversary chats  - Special Interests - Journals Cafe

Anniversary Chatlog   across the pond chat?

Now about tonight's chats. I believe during either the Now about tonight's chats. I believe during either the 1st J-Land Anniversary or during the 1st J-Land awards, the Special Interests Journals Cafe chat room was born. That is the room we'll be using today for the chat abroad and the one here in the US. Here's how it will work. The chat room has a maximum capacity of about 25 people. Once that capacity has been reached, when the 26th person comes in, an additional room will be created and there will be two chat rooms. During one of the previous community celebrations, we had three rooms going simultaneously.

Some people pop in for a quick stay and others stay for the entire time. The year we had the three rooms, I bounced in and out, hoping to visit as many people as possible in each of the rooms. That is my plan for today. If you click on the keyboard graphic, it will take you to the chat room. I guess it's a good thing this is all happening in cyber-space, because I've seen some of those gas guzzling limos some of you plan to pull up in tonight to walk the red carpet. I can't imagine how much it would cost you to fill up those gas tanks in the real world.

I'll see you all tonight in the chat rooms and if you can't make it, please come back here tomorrow for a huge slice of zero calorie anniversary birthday cake. Please remember...the official start time for the chats is 8pm GMT and 8PM ET. Your hosts will not be in the rooms before the appointed hour.  Please click on the keyboard graphic tonight. It will take you to the chat room.

Written by viviansullinwank  calendar


nightmaremom said...

Thanks for the plug :)  And the visit to my journal.  Hope you'll stop by again.  Your 'place' is beautiful!

viviansullinwank said...

What a beautiful journal you have! Thank you for supporting the 3rd anniversary and for displaying Donna's awesome graphics. We appreciate you spreading the word about the anniversary activities and hope you are enjoying them!


a2002v2002 said...

Thank you so much for your comments! So glad it was okay to advertize all your activities for this big 3rd year Journal event!:) Yes, it has become fun just keeping up with the News of it all and ......Wow, it keeps getting bigger with more for J-Landers to be able to join in all the fun! ;) Nice meeting you both!  Ann