Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Checking my mail box today what a surprise I found!

I found this E-Mail in my box:A Big Hug and Thank You, Mary!

Subj: what a great sight 
Date: 8/8/2006 8:33:59 AM Central Standard Time
From: Frankandmary
To: A2002V2002

I have visited the sight before but now I am really going to take my time there     wonderful stuff
radar turned me on to it again
Mary ~ Just Mary ~ my little Jersey Journal

I thought, what is she talking about? Oh maybe my comment at The call of the waterfall (wow, look at his waterfalls photos!) And I noticed he had my link at PhotoTrek, as I now have his link with his visiting at Beauty in Art ;) But thought I would visit his site after reading my mail just to check it out:) and low and behold he did an entry about Beauty in Art !! Now I was really surprised! LOL .... Awwwww, Thanks Greg! Hope all enjoy the wonderful world of artists as we explore their world.

Autumn Waterfall Photo Copyright © 2005 G. Kiser

Carpet of Water Photo Copyright © 2005 G. Kiser

Yes, Just a few entries ago, smile .... well, it is a Brand new site. I had entered the links I found of a great Photographer Four Forty-Six Photography  and a wonderful Artist Paul Leasure of Leasure Fine Art,   "Cascading Waters". Never dreaming that one of them would find me in this sea of people from around the world. But I started finding comments from the Photographer of Four Forty-Six Photography ; Greg

Thanks again, Greg for the nice surprise and thankyou for sharing your great photography! Be sure and visit his sites!






radar446 said...

Hey Ann, you are very welcome!  I have really enjoyed coming here, and have had it on alerts since the beginning.  I never know what I'll see pop up next, which makes it that much more interesting.


a2002v2002 said...

Thanks Greg!  Ahhh yes, the alerts;) Maybe I better start using them? LOL... I think I will have my hands full in research now, but have a lot saved up for this site for now. Thanks for comments and your thoughts and feed back on Artists work...... Ann