Monday, August 7, 2006


Detail of "Umbrella", a limited edition print by Barbara Banthien

BARBARA  BANTHIEN                                         WILDLIFE  ARTIST

Barbara Banthien worked successfully as a commercial illustrator for twenty years. Art directors, editors, and clients appreciated her meticulous attention to detail and her warm style. Her work introduced Apple Computers’ Macintosh line. She did illustrations for many well-known companies such as Hewlett Packard, American Express, Del Monte, and Smuckers.

At the height of that career and during a time in which she won several prizes for her work--she quit. For years she had produced high quality work in the hectic world of advertising deadlines, but always taped to some corner of her drawing board would be the beginnings of an Owl, Goose, or Wolf that she would try to get to, time permitting. It finally made more sense to turn her attention to these images--the work she really cared about.

She has spent the last ten years pursuing this passion. Birds in particular are her muse. Her first wildlife paintings were selected for exhibition at Birds in Art in Wausau, Wisconsin--one of the most prestigious wildlife shows in the world, and she has exhibited there many times since. She is a member of The Society of Animal Artists and her work now appears in many national exhibitions.

Barbara focuses on the birds and animals she sees and knows—ones she can study up close. She feels a personal connection with all the animals she paints, and tries to see and render each one’s essence in her work. She paints Nature in a way she hopes will matter, and works hard to do this well.


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