Saturday, April 24, 2010

Artist Linka King

As there are 500 Linda Kings on FB, I found this Link for an Artist:)

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Gerry said...

This is my sister! I woke up at 5 am thinking there was something I need to see on the Internet and here it is! I laughed when I saw it. I see that her son Scott Dylan Hall has been working hard on this website as it is considerably expanded since I saw it last. Linda's profile photo right now on FB is a towering sculpture of Jack Hirshman with her beside it. Jack Hirshman was the poet laureate of San Francisco when we were there two years ago and when she moved there she asked him if she could do a sculpture of him which will be on display at the Beat Museum with the others. I will have to tell her about the problem of 500 Linda Kings on FB. It was very exhilarating for me to see this link in your blog because you have found so many other links to unusual and arresting art! Thanks so much for your attentiveness to comments! I can't wait to call Linda so she can see this on my blog list!