Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amazing Staircases

As you visit houses, or public buildings, it's interesting to observe the variation in stairs, treads and handrails.  Alicia Moss has kindly researched this collection of amazing staircases.
Amazing Staircases

Here is a Collection of 'Bookcase Stairs'

Bookcase Staircase
Another Strange Staircase
Amazing Staircase

Worth Scrolling Down

Useful Staircase
All stair treads should be like this!

Another Useful Staircase

Amazing Staircase 
The only problem here is that the stair risers are probably greater than the ideal of 7 ½ inches.

I'll Go To The Foot of Our Stairs!

Amazing Staircase
Staircases are one of the most important building elements in a house.  They reflect architectural philosophies and in these examples showcase the talent and ingenuity of their designers.

Strange Stairway to Nowhere

Strange Staircase

Zany Spiral Staircase

Zany Staircase
Geoffrey Packard designed this amazing staircase above.   In fact, this one of Packard's DNA inspired staircases, if you have ever seen pictures of those double-helix molecules, then you can see the similarity.

A Staircase from an Art Gallery?

Amazing Staircase
Will and Guy ponder:- 'Why cannot we have more indoor staircases like the above'.  It would also make traipsing the streets more interesting if we could have steps like those below.

Rainbow Stairway in the Town of Wuppertal, Germany

Amazing Staircase
Artist, Horst Glasker, has painted a colour then stencilled a word describing the relationships between human beings, like terror and love, prosecution and trust, despair and hope, revenge and kiss.

Amazing Staircase

Amazing Staircase
Guy cannot quite figure what's going on here.  Will thinks that the staircase is on the right. 

Stairway to Heaven?

Stairway to heaven
Following centuries old tradition of spiral staircases.  Just imagine two mediaeval knights squaring-up, the one above would be favoured in a sword fight, especially if he was right handed.

Amazing Stairway to The Sky

Stairway to the sky

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Gerry said...

Rather fascinating photos. I never thought of how different stairways can be made to look. I remember my mother turning her staircase 3 times before she was satisfied! I remember my Dad's explosive reaction on the last one! I love the one with all the steps a different color. You always find the unusual. Thank you!