Sunday, May 29, 2011


cottage homes rounded thatched roofcottage homes rounded thatched roof
cottage in forrest house hansel and gretelcottage in forrest house hansel and gretel
cottagechouse on the rivercottagechouse on the river
gingerbread cottage house beautiful landscapegingerbread cottage house beautiful landscape
small cottage house in grassy fieldssmall cottage house in grassy fields


Gerry said...

Oh, what a adorable cottages! It seems that you always find something interesting to look at in my absence. Have been under the weather and still not getting around very well. I had to end my blog writing, so am just putting my videos in it, so as to cut back on some of the work I was doing. I needed to preserve my energy for my memoir or I was never going to get it done! Inflammation and CF (chronic fatigue) plaguing me!

Ann LRD said...

Sorry to hear about your health, Gerry! Oh yes, Memoir is important! I got so depressed over mine I had to stop:) I thought, Do my children really want to know all this? I do not even want to relive it! So started taking the more pleasant short stories out of it.