Thursday, December 18, 2008

Twin Albino Deer

Nope these were not in my back yard. I have many deer but no albino,like these,amazing. Enjoy....Bill N.
Twin Albino Deer
Gorgeous animals and a photographer in the right place and time.

They live in Bozema, Montana
Tim made the deer feeder with the 'Browning' logo.
These twin albinos have been coming to our backyard since they
were fawns in 2006. We have been trying to capture a digital pic of
them for awhile, but they arrive at dusk or even later and the pics don't
turn out On Friday about 10 am they arrived. It was a beautiful morning
and they came for their photo op. I can do dishes and make lots of
noise and they aren't bothered. However, when they hear the patio
door open they usually bolt. However, this time I banged a dish and
Tim opened the door at the same time and was able to take the pictures.
On one pic you will even notice their breath.


gina said...

wow...they are beauties!!

Gerry said...

What pictures. I came to this blog and they were like a sign. I swear. Like somebody made them up for Christmas, but they are real. A rare happening indeed! Gerry