Sunday, May 4, 2008

Photos of an Eagle and Fox by Photographer Pekka Komi

Strange story behind this one, as they had sent me Huge Beautiful photos of these, I went to look for their Web Page for a link! As AOL makes photos so small. Instead what I found was Sports men saying the one picture they had was fake. So there were all these comment about Photography and checking out doctored pictures. and some one went to snopes for an answer. Found out photos were not shot in Montana but in Finland, the photos were true and real!
Snopes link:

Still enjoy the unusual shots Thank You! Just in seeing how large an eagle can get, having it next to a fox!!!!!!! Look at the wing spread! WOW! Seeing them flying in the skies or at tops of trees, they don't seem that big.

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gehi6 said...

No wonder chldren were so terrified of eagles.  We had eagles flying in to snatch chickens, and I would have fears about being snatched when I was small.  If you have ever been attacked by a mean rooster as a child, you know that is very scarey. But that photo of the eagle managing to lift the fox up is something. I always know I can find something unusual in your journal!  Gerry