Thursday, March 8, 2007

Paintings of Dishes with flowers and cloths:)













radar446 said...

Hmmm, I wonder what sparked the idea for this entry???


a2002v2002 said...

LOL.......Hummmmm, I think it was Greg's great photo shot of china? It reminded me of an artists work I like also;)

a2002v2002 said...

Subj: last entry  
Date: 3/10/2007 5:26:12 PM Central Standard Time
From: Frankandmary
To: A2002V2002

Oh my   the second picture down- in pink   Oh my again   just breathtaking

I went back looked again    went back looked again

Mary ~ Just Mary ~ my little Jersey Journal

wildautumn1 said...

These are incredible!

rebuketheworld said...

How this artist captured light in these paintings is marveling. I cant imagine learning this craft. Beautiful art here. ~Raven