Saturday, October 7, 2006

Ann is Tagged? Who is Ann, Ann who?????? hehehe

Taken From NAMoments: I see Greg Tagged me over at Beauty in Art..... Ann? Ann who?..... hehehe ....Oh boy that is next, now do I have six people to send a tag to? That are into that sort of thing? Hummmmmmm 6  crazy things about me (oh that was 6 Weird things)?  Hummmmmmmmm Maybe me doing this? (trying to edit, #3 in list)

I guess this is how this works...You've officially been tagged.
Greg Kiser

Four Forty-Six Photography an online photo gallery of my work -- updated 09-20-2006
Photo Trek My photo journal
The Call of the Waterfall My waterfall directory

Julie and Greg Kiser Photo Trek gets the credit for this post.

1.)That I am even doing this, as I chew on my lower lip? hehehe

2.)  I am crazy about starting some networking Blogs  to let people know where I am , or where I have been, if they are looking for me;) Now that is weird! LOL

3.)   Talking to myself, as I am trying to edit Journals here in AOL and find this error thingy pops up to stop my every move and I have to go to FireFox to Edit from there! Reminds me of this

4.)  I always shoot fuzzy pictures, which drives one of my Pro Photographer special friends crazy! I blamed it on the cheap camera:) (But now Greg gives lessons!:)

5.)  It is not uncommon to find me playing a Movie CD as I am on the computer doing this and so just listen, as to a Radio, like now watching - listening to my sons new copy of KiKi's Delivery Service:). An old friend introduced him to this lovely style of Japanese Art in films, which he would love to do himself ,but ended up giving me his computer drawing board to use with Gimp!

6.)  I don't do well in large crowds...toooooooo Greg! But showing my art in the past I was among crowds of people doing demos, shy as anything!!!!! But great one on one, I think? Or here safely at my computer, just doing info:).

And there you have it...6 weird things about me.

Guess I have to tag six others for this. Hummmmmmmmmm Now that is hard... Greg do you want to do this again ? ;) Just kidding!


rebuketheworld said...

Do you ever listen to the "Ambient" station on AOL radio?...great station for relaxation, especially at night...its in the light tunes category......its my favorite radio station


radar446 said...

Great list, thanks for joining in.  I figured I would see in interesting list from you.  So you talk to yourself as well, huh??  I'm doing that more and more as I get older.  Must be my senility kicking in.  Thanks for joining in on the fun.


a2002v2002 said...

I use to Raven, I tried it tonight and my whole system froze up on me, so back to my music at my computer music player...... Thanks, Raven!

a2002v2002 said...

Ahhh interesting list from me huh? LOL Sure Greg, glad to help? I enjoy fun things and humor. But as I checked here at AOL  everyone on my list had already been tagged. Some interesting stuff people do, now I know  what the word weird means for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rebuketheworld said...

Well...I must get the word out about your blog...cause you always always post quality....What drew you to have such passion for ethnicity and art?....Very few understand these things...Its a lovely quality in you....humanness....


a2002v2002 said...

Why thank you, Raven !  The rough cruel world of hard knocks and full of unfairness to people, with Beauty surrounding me in the Mountains I hiked in and also Beauty unfolding while walking the Ocean beaches. Maybe that had something to do with who I am. Like walking in two worlds and seeing how I would like to be treated and being touched by real kindness and real beauty when I see it.......... Ann