Sunday, September 17, 2006

Artist: Dottie Cooper Katz

 Ruby Room - Murals


I have a blast doing the murals. I hate heights, so sometimes this can be quite frightening, and I do draw the line... But, having a 360 degree canvas is an addictive challenge for me. I have done several that give you the feeling of walking through the door and being in another place. We all need that from time to time. My kitchen is in the process of being a fun room to be in and not just a kitchen anymore.
Me??? Cook????

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Artist: Dottie Cooper Katz
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This was a huge project since all the wood had to look old, the
inserts in the wainscoating are faux painted to look like marble , the
stones in the wall resemble what is on the pool deck as you look out on to
his backyard, the walls had to look as if they are crumbling and then of
course the scenery that takes you to another place and time. Not to mention
the walls are 12 feet high!!!! and me with a fear of heights. This took
about 3 months to complete.


radar446 said...

Such talent to create murals like that.  Thanks for sharing!


rebuketheworld said...

Ok with a room like that, I want a rocking chair, a little table, a fireplace and a cool breeze.....Beautiful walls! I love this stuff....I saw this house one time,,it had vines going up all the corners, with red cheeries touching the ceiling,,,I think rooms like this make it hard to step outside,,,,the loner in me would want to live in there and never pick up the phone,,,-Raven

a2002v2002 said...

Yes, that is where I have been ........ in my special painted room;)


Thanks! Glad you enjoy!